The Plot: London-based military intelligence officer Colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) is remotely commanding a top-secret drone operation to capture a group of dangerous terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya. When the mission suddenly escalates from a “capture” to a “kill” operation and innocent lives are put at risk, the impossible decision

2015, 1 hr 42 minutes

of whether to strike gets passed up the chain of command. With the clock ticking, the brutal realities of modern warfare play out among the military, politicians and lawyers thousands of miles away from the front line (Disc sleeve).

The video: A solid, rather than exceptional, 2.40:1 encode. Strong enough black levels, and a few nice colour tones, but there is some softness in the indoor shots (AVForums) (4).

The audio: A standout DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix with not just punch but also precision, delivering payloads left and right, back and front. Clear dialogue (4.5).