The Plot: A seaside community is attacked by a great white shark, and, for Home Cinema, Iím gonna need a(n even) bigger TV!

1975 / 2012, 2 hr 4 minutes

The video: Universalís restoration team has been criticised time and again for a heavy-handed use of digital tools that frequently results in a loss of fine detail and film grain. Well, you can forget all about that when it comes to the Jaws Blu-ray. Signed-off by Spielberg himself, the AVC 2.40:1 1080p encode is simply beautiful. Colour timing is impeccably balanced, contrast has been improved significantly and the increase in clarity compared to previous releases is simply mind-boggling. You've never seen the shark look this fake ... (HCC 212, October 2012) (4.5).

The audio: The discís DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track is a thing of real beauty. Thereís nothing overtly flashy on show, instead itís a subtle piece of re-engineering of John William's iconic score that simply expands the soundfield while lending even greater clarity to all of the elements. Itís easily the best the film has ever sounded. And if you donít agree, a DTS 2.0 version of the original mono soundtrack is also included (5).