The Plot: Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson star as an elite bodyguard and renowned hitman who are forced to work together. In order to succeed, they don't just have to avoid getting killed .... they have to avoid killing each other (disc sleeve).

2017, 1 hr 58 minutes

Ryan Reynold's beleaguered bodyguard is forced to protect one of his most hated enemies, Samuel Jackson's master hitman, attempting to escort the latter to a hearing in the Hague, so that he can testify against Gary Oldman's war criminal. Packed to the brim with engaging banter - most of which hits the mark, and some of which is laugh-out-loud funny - and several fun action sequences, both Reynolds and Jackson are on great form, with a special shout-out for the still-gorgeous Salma Hayek, who rivals Jackson in the how-many-swear-words-can-you-get-into-one sentence-department. It's a frivolous film, (one) that doesn't break the mould, redefine the subgenre, or leave a lasting impression, but it's still a thoroughly entertaining film, far more so than it has any right to be (AVForums).

The video: Regrettably, all the reviews concentrate on the 4H UHD disc, which they all say gives a clear uptick over the 1080p Blu-ray. Nevertheless, judged on its own terms, I can confirm that the 1080p disc is more than adquate in all respects (4).

The audio: Unlike an increasing number of 1080p disc, Lionsgate have not reserved the Dolby Atmos track for the 4K disc. The Dolby Atmos track, even the 7.1 Dolby TrueHD core, is outstanding. Dialogue, notably the witty banter between the two leads, is clearly and coherently prioritised across the LCR front array. Effects are superbly observed, picked up keenly and afforded both power and precision, brimming with ballistics as bullets thunder across the landscape, whilst a few more explosive crashes and bangs carry further LFE weight. Demo audio and reference through and through (AVForums) (5).